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The amount you can borrow depends on many factors, from your credit rating to the age of the motorhome you are looking to purchase. After an initial fact find we will ask you what monthly figure you are comfortable with and we build up an application from there. The funders we use are committed to lending responsibly so they will want to ensure that you are comfortable with taking on a new monthly finance commitment. This amount differs greatly for each customer.

We will be able to establish quickly if you are eligible for finance. We ask you relevant questions during a fact find and hope to be able to give you an firm answer within a 24 hours, often much quicker than this.

If you are declined, there may be an alternative option of a personal loan or another lower priced motorhome.

We may even ask if a guarantor is available to add onto your application. As a broker, we explore various options for each customer to make their dream of motorhome ownership available.

It maybe that some customers have to work at their credit profile for a notable period of time before applying again. 

You can be sure we will always want to help you with this purchase now or in the future.

FCA regulations state that any regulated agreement in the UK can be paid off early if desired without incurring excessive interest charges. In short you can request a settlement figure that is deemed just and fair at any point during your agreement. Additional payments can be made over and above your monthly repayment to bring the duration of your agreement over a shorter length of time.

Please note that each funder has slightly different criteria on this so more specific information will be discussed with you depending on which funder we use before you sign your finance documents.

Please see our step by step guide here.

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Yes, absolutely, we offer competitive options for non-regulated agreements in a company name, the initial fact find will ask slightly different questions and the funder we approach may differ but we have many options for this.

It is personal preference as to whether you chose to have the extra security of a habitation check on your Motorhome. However, here at Motorhome.finance we recommend that you seriously consider this for that extra peace of mind, especially if you are buying from a private individual not an FCA registered dealership. We have worked closely with www.habcheck.co.uk  who will be able to help you should you decided to proceed with this service.

Not a problem, in fact many customers wish to go through the finance process to establish if they are eligible first. We may even be able to point you in the right direction as we have very strong leisure vehicle dealer relationships all over the UK!

It is our mission to match you with the funder on our panel that is best suited to YOU. Our initial fact find, the age, spec and supplier of the motorhome can effect this choice but you can be sure that we will match you with an appropriate funder to suit your circumstances.

Any quote we give to you is valid for 28 days, this is the same for any offer of finance we may obtain for you. If you have not had any major changes to your credit profile after this, the chances of the quote or offer of finance remaining the same are high but we will have to do a quick profile check to make sure.

Technically speaking the two different types of loan product we’re talking about here are a personal loan and hire purchase. The personal loan is not secured on the vehicle, so you can spend it on whatever you like. If you do buy a vehicle with the money that vehicle is yours, and you could sell it.

With an HP (hire purchase) agreement on the other hand you stand more akin to the position of somebody who is renting the vehicle until the option to purchase fee has been paid. The further you get through the agreement the less likely you are to have the vehicle repossessed if you fall behind, but you cannot sell it at any point without the agreement of the finance company until you have paid the final payment, including an option to purchase fee. This is usually a £10 fee or less.

In addition to this, a personal loan always has the benefit of consumer protection regulations, whereas an HP product will only carry that protection if you are making the purchase as an individual or in some other limited circumstances. We will explain this.

If you have had an indicative quote from us following an application form being submitted this will be registered on your credit profile as a search. If you are seriously considering a purchase, one search is not detrimental, many searches often obtained by the customer themselves online can have a negative impact on your credit score so it is always best not to apply to too many for one purchase.

However the benefit of using Motorhome.Finance is that we’ll always conduct a fact find first and then make a decision of which funder to approach based on your profile. Also we are independent so any offer of finance we may obtain for you can be transferred to most other UK suppliers so you only have to go through the finance process once – often only leaving one search registered on your credit history.

Buying a motorhome is a very considered purchase, if you change your mind that is absolutely fine. We will never apply any sales pressure on you. You will be given time to consider your options at every stage of this process.

UK regulations state that you also have a 14 day cooling off period on regulated agreements even after you have signed your agreement. However, every effort is made to ensure that you are happy before signing this agreement. 

Subject to status, we absolutely can. Contact us directly to discuss this in more detail, we have even more funding options for any size towing car or indeed just a new car.

You will have to speak to your finance company about this and advise them of your intention, as we use many different funders please do refer to your documents and speak with your funder who will advise you of their policy on this. However, we will advise you of this before you sign your agreement.

Absolutely, yes! Please get in touch via our dealer form here.

You are able to do this at any point but will have to request a finance settlement figure, which will need to be paid off before the vehicle ownership is transferred. We will be happy to request a settlement figure on your behalf.