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Caravan Finance

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Dream of travelling around the UK and Europe with your partner, family or friends? Know that a caravan is the way to achieve that dream? If you have always wanted to have a caravan; a caravan finance plan can make that dream a reality. Our expert team aims to make this a painless experience and is on hand to guide you the whole way. Our job is to get you a good deal, sometimes arranging finance the same day and because we work with over 50 funding partners, across the UK, we can tailor finance to you.

When it comes to caravan finance we’ve got your back. We are on hand to help you get a good deal on the finance to match your caravan purchase. All you should worry about is choosing your caravan!

Here are three of our top tips for buying a caravan on finance and what to do when you’ve got the right caravan for you.

Car towing caravan on motorway

Know Your Caravan

Secondly; know what caravan you need, not just the one you want - give serious thought to the trips you’ll be making and what the requirements of that trip and your comfort will be. One of the most immediate and obvious considerations for this is the size of the caravan; this will affect the number of occupants, amenities, where you can store it and even where you can take it. For example; if you’re planning to go on a number of journeys that involve travelling via ferry, you will need to consider the pricing of those ferries and whether they will even be able to take that dream model caravan you’ve been looking at. On the same train of thought, private storage costs and availability will have the same concerns. Don’t simply go for the biggest and flashiest option within your budget; answer the question of “does this fit my needs?”

Shop Wisely

Thirdly; shop around! Once you know how much you can afford and what specifications you need, it’s time to do some comparisons and find the best price to fit your budget. As much of an emotional journey as an actual destination, making a purchase like this shouldn’t be rushed. See what the options are and get the best deal for your budget. Once you’ve picked your perfect caravan, you’ll need to establish what the right finance option will be, and this is where we can help! Apply for your caravan finance in four simple steps and before you know it, you should be well on your way to enjoying your very own journey in your very own caravan.
Caravans lined up in caravan park

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