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Why Choose Creative When Funding Your Motorhome or Caravan?

At Creative, you may be surprised to find we’re not like your average brokers! Of course, we’re experienced, and we’re regulated, with a thorough knowledge of the leisure vehicle sector and a commitment to service and compliance. But…

The go to leisure vehicle people

What makes us different is that we love leisure vehicles and we believe in people. We know that might sound a little clichéd, but we can guarantee, that from the moment you pick up the phone to talk to us, you’ll be able to tell that we’re different. We’re enthusiastic, we’re creative (hence the name), we’re thoughtful and our love and experience of leisure vehicles puts us in a unique position to help you. Here’s why:

We understand customers

We understand that buying a motorhome is about much more than buying a vehicle. It’s about freedom and adventure. It’s about living your dreams and having amazing experiences. It’s also about buying a vehicle that’s going to become your home, and somewhere you like spending time and are proud of.

Without doubt, buying a motorhome is exciting and full of potential but of course, it’s also a little daunting. It can be a big financial commitment and possibly a once in a lifetime purchase. With that, comes the responsibility of choosing the right vehicle. What make, what size, what age and whether you should buy from a dealer or privately are important decisions.  

Creative finance

We don’t do off the shelf packages because everyone is different, and we want to get the right deal for you.  We also want to make your experience of buying your dream vehicle a positive and easy one. That means keeping an open mind and asking the right type of questions.

Our knowledge of different makes, models and age vehicles is extensive which means we know which the best financiers are to approach on your behalf. We can offer long term agreements (up to 10 years), hire purchase, lease purchase or loans. You can buy in your own name or in your company name. We can structure a package that defers the VAT until you can afford to pay it, provide finance for that eBay bargain, for a left hand vehicle or a motorhome that’s already got a few years under its cam-belt.

We can also help at different stages of the buying process. So, for example, perhaps you need to know if you can get finance at very short notice because you’ve just stumbled upon a great deal. Or maybe you’d like to know your finance options long before a purchase is in sight. Either situation is fine by us, and we can often get your finance approved in as little as two hours, with the funds in your account the next working day.

We also understand leisure vehicle dealerships

We work closely with a number of leisure vehicle dealerships too, which means we understand some of the inherent challenges you face, but also the fact that you want to give your customers the best possible experience. And because we understand the leisure vehicles that you’re selling, time isn’t wasted explaining stuff to us.

Motorhomes Parked Up Outside Motorhome Dealership

We understand our funders and they understand us

We’re well known in our sector, but we don’t have a body of hundreds of different funders to choose from, because in our experience that doesn’t help anyone. Instead, we have about 55 funders who we know well and who we have built strong relationships with. We know their requirements and the terms they will offer in what circumstances. They know us as people who understand the leisure vehicle sector. We often get preferential rates because we are trusted by them and they know they’re on our select panel of funders. They also know we’ll provide the information they need, so time isn’t wasted.

In short, it’s a refreshingly creative approach to finance

For us, it’s not just about finance, it’s about making your life better … and a little bit easier too. After all, this is the beginning of your adventure, and we’d like to help make it happen. If you’d like to know more, why not get in touch today.

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